Different Types of Chairs to Add Charm to Your Home

While every house has a big and comfortable sofa in the living room, it is hard a find a home that doesn’t have different types of chairs. From the balcony to the kitchen to the living room, there are chairs to adorn every corner of your home. Rocking chairs, wooden folding chairs, side chairs, lounge chairs, loveseats, bean bags, recliners, armchairs, and club chairs are some usual variants.

Knowing about the multiple kinds of chairs will make it easy for you to decide which ones you want for your abode. Just like other furniture pieces, you should select chairs as per your preferences. Here’s a list of comfortable chairs that you can buy for your indoor and outdoor space:

1. Recliners

If you think a recliner is a modern innovation, then you must know that Napoleon Bonaparte was the world’s first person to own a recliner. Luckily, interior designers have made amazing improvements in their features and styles since then. That being said, a recliner is the most comfortable chair. The epitome of relaxation, recliners are available in cloth or leather upholstery, electronic or manual mechanisms, and a variety of styles, patterns, and colours.

2. Armchair

A chair is not just a place to sit but a vehicle of self-expression. If you want a chair that will allow you to express your unique style and personality, an armchair is just what you need. It is a fantastic accent chair that will offer you the desired comfort along with a medium to express creativity and elegance. Armchairs are generally made of durable wood, and they will last you several years.

3. Bean Bag

The most common type of chair found in offices and homes is a bean bag. From waiting rooms in corporate offices to living rooms in apartments – bean bags have entered everywhere. Their affordability is what makes them everyone’s favourite. A bean bag seats one person, and since it’s extremely comfortable, there are chances that someone will always nap on your bean bag. So, order a bean bag set, and your partner will be super happy!

4. Lounge Chair

Where else can you sit back and snore comfortably than on your lounge chair? A cost-effective chair, it is a must-have in your living room. Lounge chairs are often accompanied by ottomans where you can rest your feet. Ottomans are basically footstools that can also function as smart storage and a coffee table at the same time.

5. Ball Chair

Are you looking for a chair that will give your home a funky look? A ball chair is an interesting type of chair, and as is apparent from the name, it has the shape of a ball. You won’t find it in other people’s homes. It is used extensively in formal environments and has several features, such as an MP3 player.

6. Deck chair

You will easily find a deck chair in hotels, resorts, and cruises. But they are equally useful for your home. If you have pets or aged parents staying with you, you will not regret purchasing a deck chair. It is a portable chair that you can easily carry to your lawn or any room when needed. As it is foldable, it will occupy minimum space in your house.

7. Rocking chair

A rocking chair is a must-have chair for your reading room where you can fall asleep while reading a storybook. You can also place it on the balcony if it is spacious enough to accommodate one. It has been named a rocking chair as it rocks you backwards and frontwards, just like a baby cradle. Wooden rocking chairs are strong, and they last for decades. These chairs are very comfortable; if you have old parents, gift them a rocking chair, and they will be elated.

8. Club chair

A club chair is known for the comfort it provides. This type of chair came into existence in France, where they called it “fauteuil comfortable”. The name itself is proof of the relaxation you can expect from the chair. It comes with armrests and rounded edges, deep seats, and leather upholstery.

9. Round chair

Before buying bean bags online in India, you should also look at some round chairs. If you are bored with traditional choices, this chair will instantly add charm to any monotonous room of yours. It is an oversized seat, and therefore, make sure you have sufficient space to place it. Once you have decided where to keep it, all you have to do is place the order and wait for it to get delivered. After that, snuggle and curl up with your special person as much as you want.

10.  Loveseat

While most chairs accommodate one individual at a time, a loveseat allows two persons to sit together and cuddle. However, this doesn’t mean only couples can enjoy the loveseats. These living room chairs come in a plethora of styles. So, it won’t be an issue if you want a classic look or a modern one.

11.  Foldable balcony chair

As the name suggests, foldable balcony chairs are outdoor chairs, but you can also use them in your kids’ playroom. They are sturdy, lightweight, available in bright colours, and portable. As these chairs are heat-resistant and water-resistant, you can leave them in the sun or rain without getting worried. You will be able to utilize these chairs in recreational activities. You can buy these folding chairs online by paying a reasonable amount.


Now that you know all about various chair types, which ones do you think will be perfect for your home? If too many choices leave you confused, there is a simple way of arriving at a conclusion. First, you need to decide for which room you are planning on getting the chair. Once you know how much space you have and how you are going to use it, you will be able to narrow down your options. Believe in yourself and remember that only you know what’s best for your home.

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