Windscreen Cracks That Cannot Be Usually Repaired

Let’s face it, we live in an imperfect world and the same can be said of vehicles and their components, even when it comes to windshield replacement and windshield repair Sydney. Your windscreen may have been cracked by a rock thrown up by another vehicle, or it might have been damaged by something that was dropped onto it by someone who was not wearing seat belts, or maybe you accidentally crashed into your garage door at night while returning home late from work. Regardless of how your windscreen got damaged, here are some common windscreen cracks that cannot be usually repaired.

Polluted or stained cracks

In terms of repairing windscreen cracks, you need to determine the severity and location of the problem. Small cracks on an outer layer of glass can usually be repaired. But if there is a crack in a windscreen’s inner layer or if it is too big, then it might not be possible to windshield repair Sydney it. The best thing to do in this case is replace the whole windscreen instead.

Cracks Located in The Driver’s Critical Viewing Area

The most common damage to a windscreen is a crack. The majority of these cracks are only in the surface and they can be repaired by replacing the glass. Cracks located in the driver’s critical viewing area, however, cannot be usually repaired because they often extend beyond the layer of glass and into the lamination. This type of damage cannot be fixed without removing and replacing both layers of glass.

Multiple Cracks of Different Types

Some windscreen cracks can be repaired and some cannot. If you are experiencing multiple cracks of different types, your windscreen might have sustained a major impact from something like a rock or stone. The glass is in danger of shattering if the cracks are not repaired soon, so it’s important to take the car to a professional as soon as possible for car glass replacement Sydney.

Very Long Cracks

Windscreens can be repaired, but a crack that is long and goes into the screen layer cannot usually be repaired and will need to be replaced. But, don’t worry about the windscreen replacement Sydney cost you spend. It is completely worth the investment.

Deep Cracks on Both Sides of The Windshield

When the crack is long and deep on both sides of the windshield, then it cannot be usually repaired. Repairing this type of crack requires replacing the entire windshield. The replacement process entails removing the old glass and installing a new one in its place.


If you see a crack in your windscreen, the best course of action is to take it to a glass shop. They will be able to remove the cracked layer and replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you risk shattering the windscreen altogether.

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